Crime & Punishment in the Middle Ages

Crime and Punishment was a lot more severe during the middle ages, even the little crimes often got death. Even churches give out some punishments, mostly torture to get out confessions from people. There were some pretty grusome tortures, such as limbs cut off, hangings and getting chained up in stocks. Courts and Judges did exist but they usually were quite biased against the offendand. If somebody didn’t go to court, they became an outlaw and the King got their property. Often gangs of outlaws such as Robin Hood roamed the kingdom. The worse the crime was, the worse the punishment was. If you committed murder, you got a pubic hanging so everybody could see you die. Sometimes when the Murderer was almost dead, they stopped hanging them and cut them into quartlets, a very cruel way to die.



This mosaic’s about a young noble knight who has worked very hard to become a knight. Now days he’s roaming the land saving people from all the terrible things out there. Just yesterday he was on his horse and he heard screams from the nearby village. It was those pesky Barbarians, trying to take over the village. But this brave knight wouldn’t let this happen, so he got on his horse and chased the barbarians right out of town.

Expedition Africa- Simulation Game

Expedition Africa is a strategy game that does require to be smart and a strategic person. The game bases on that your an explorer on an Africa safari and you faces a few challenges on the way. The game is played by rolling dices which come up with different situations like gaining porters, fighting crocidiles, battling fever and getting ammo. It’s actually pretty hard to complete and you have to be smart in order for you to finish the game. I almost finished the game but I ran out of porters in the end from them dying.

Positive Digital Footprint

I believe it is very important to create a positive digital footstep, not only to get good jobs, but also so other people think of you in a positive way. If you put stupid pictures of yourself or stupid things in a post, people will instantly think that your that kind of person but you might not be. So it could effect your reputation also in real life.

Most bosses do have a look at all your online blogs, myspace, facebook etc. before they employ you. If you have pictures of yourself getting drunk, breaking the law etc. then you might not get the job.

People will respect you more if you have a positive digital footprint.


maps 022In class this week we did some mapping. There are three different styles of maps. Bird’s-eye is the one thats looking down from above, Oblique view is one on an angle and ground view is looking at it from the ground.

We had to draw a bird’s-eye view map from a satellite image on google earth. I find the hardest part of doing this is that sometimes your measurements don’t go right and it looks a bit weird. Below is the one that I did

Search Challenge

Here’s a link to a search challenge. The challenge is to fin the right website that the question’s on. I was pretty bad a it.

 The Broadway Challenge/ 4.33 /Wrong/ Broadway, Shows, 1984 year-by-year

The Soccer Subject Challenge/ 2.57/ Wrong/ Soccer, Internation, Results, 1888

The Lego Builder’s Challenge/ 2.19/ Right/ Lego, Builder, Model, California, winners

Ben Hilfenhaus- Future Star?

The young swing bowler Ben Hilfenhaus, or Hilfy as some call him, was born in Ulverstone, Tasmania and is now at 26 years of age, still pretty young for a cricketer. Before he started played for Tasmania he was a common brick-layer and was playing cricket for Ulverstone. But in 2005 he was awarded a full contract with the Tasmanian Tigers cricket team. He immediately impressed everybody with his ability to do out-swingers at 140kmh and he was rewarded with 39 wickets at an average of 30.82 in his debut season to earn a call into the Australia A squad for a series in Darwin.

Two more impressive years by Hilfenhaus made him into one of the best bowlers in the Australian domestic competition. In early January 2007, Hilfy was named in the Australian twenty/20 team to face England at the S.C.G. He bowled the best out of the bowlers and ended up with fantastic figures of 2/16 off four overs. This good performance allowed Hilenhaus to be named in the Commonwealth Bank series squad to face New Zealand and England in a tri-nations tournament.

One week after his twenty/20 debut, Hilfy made his ODI debut against New Zealand at his home ground, Bellerive Oval. He got his first ODI wicket in just his second over and was immediately a home-town favourite. Hilfenhaus was later named as the Young Cricketer of the year due to his brilliant 2006/07 season. Already he was been compared to the recently retired Glenn McGrath because of the similarities in bowling.

Unfortunately Hilfenhaus struggled a lot in the 2007/08 season, averaging a poor 43.82. However the Australian selectors showed faith with Hilfy and he was selected in the test side to tour the West Indies. But a back stress fracture forced Hilfenhaus to pull out of the series, severely denting the chances of a return to international cricket. Later on in the year he came back from injury and was selected in the test squad a number of times. But unfortunately he didn’t make his test debut in Australia.

Hilfenhaus was then finally selected to play test cricket in the South African tour. He didn’t start as well as his one day career but he still managed seven wickets in three tests. He was then sent back home to rest for the Ashes which is currently going. When he arrived in England he was casted as an outsider to play the first test. But a surprise move by Australia saw Hilfenhaus play ahead of Stuart Clark and Hilfy took the most of the opportunity been the best of the Australian bowlers in the first test. Another great performance in the second test leaves Hilfy as a must play for the third test currently under way.

Can he maintain the way he’s going and become a great fast bowler for Australia? Only time will tell.